Epic Engine

Easy API

Create games in minutes and more easily than ever before with our api.


Resources with no end, we only provide you with the most important things you need for a good game.


Our game engine is open source, taking part in the engine is a great pleasure for us.

var engine = new EpicEngine({
    fullscreen: true
engine.pushScene('example', (e) => {
    e.text('Hello World', 100, 100);


Cakebase is a realtime database where you can put data in JSON format. Data is sync and available when you offline.
var db = new Cakebase({
    id: '~E8890ue2edhddh3fch2dcfgv3dhfch423guw'

    index: 0,
    value: [{
        username: 'admin',
        password: 'admin123'

var result = db.get({
    index: 0